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Yes, we are a completely pet-friendly company. Animals do not have an additional cost.

In La Parguera it is not common for there to be bad weather, if there is on the day of your reservation, we will be communicating with you and we will be rescheduling your pass.

On the day of their day trip, the group will have with them one of our captains, who have the USCG license. The captains stay with the group throughout the pass.

Yes, for security reasons every child of any age counts as a person in the group.

The pass includes the boat together with the captain, who always stays with the group, a cooler with ice, an inflatable mattress, a paddle board for adults and kayaks for children.

Illicit drugs of any kind are not allowed on the boat. However, if you wish to smoke cigarettes you must do so outside the boat.

It will not be necessary to bring chairs since the boat has seats. As for the cooler, if you think you will need an additional one, you can take it with you without any problem.

For boat insurance reasons, barbecues are not allowed at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We recommend you bring beach towels, sunscreen, an additional cooler if you wish, water, food and drinks for the whole day.